Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My girl is back

After a flight delay coming home, I finally got to see my girl at 1am this morning! Bren and I were falling asleep in the airport, as we had been there since before 10pm.

Here are a few pictures that Grandma K sent from Erin's first visit to Milwaukee. All of her cousins on Brian's side of the family are girls, and all of her cousins on my side of the family are boys. So this was her first time being around "girl cousins".

Erin's first night. She and Alexis got to sleep with Grandma

Erin, Alexis, and Brianna

Laura, Erin (with veggies from Grandma's garden), and Alexis

Erin and all of her "girl cousins"

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Angie said...

What great fun they had, they miss her soooooo much. They talk about her at least once a day and all of us have enjoyed the phone calls and closeness since. We hope to meet all of you one day soon.