Sunday, May 04, 2008

Florida cockroaches

I know that most people here think of seagulls as pests, and they are commonly referred to here as "Forida cockroaches", but I really do love them. I love that when I go shopping they are flying around in the parking lots. It's reassurance to me that I'm near the water, and it's a good feeling. Only once in my life did I live "inland" (NJ), and it was a very claustrophobic feeling. It's something that someone that hasn't lived near the water their whole life can't understand, but those of us that have can. These seagulls being around all of the time are my constant reminder that I'm near the water. Very near. And I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi My Sweet Girl, I understand the being near the water being raised on the Pacific coast. I have to go to the coast every once in awhile because I miss it being here in southern ore. where Larry likes it. He's not crazy about the coast but he's not a coast/water person. Love You, Mom