Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last game of the season

Today was the last game of the spring baseball season. Bren had a great game. When his coach brought him out to pitch I overheard the coach of the other team say, "Oh, bringing out the big guns now!" I had to giggle when I heard that. He didn't give up any runs during his pitching.

Afterwards the teams got league trophies, and tomorrow we are having the team party. It's been a great season for Bren, and he met the goal that he established at the beginning of the year. He has a couple of months off for the summer now before the fall season starts up. He deserves the break.

Look at the way his arm bends back when he pitches!

Way too bright because of the sunlight, but still a cute picture of the team

Brendan and his coach

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Love You, Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Way to go Bren. We are very proud of you. The pictures of your ball game are great and the pictures of graduating(sp)(I forgot what it was called but you know what I mean). All the pictures are wonderful and like I said before Grandpa Larry and I are very very proud of you.