Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A record for Bren

Bren broke his own 'pitches per inning' record, and now also holds the second highest record in the league! He pitched an 11 count inning, and it was awesome. Even the parents on the opposing team were in awe. Overall it was a great game for him as he also hit a triple with two RBI's in the second inning.

It's proving to be a great season so far. He has three games this week (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) so it's a busy week for him. They normally only have two games and one practice each week, but the team has one make-up game this week so it's a little more hectic. Bren's up for the challenge!

Here are a few from tonight.

Walking back to the mound after a pitch

I was standing behind home plate, taking this through the fence


Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

WAY TO GO BREN, Love You, Grandma

Aunt Jodie said...

CONGRATS Brendan...keep it up...we will be watching you on TV before long!!! Aunt Jodie