Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in Orlando/Deltona with my family like we do every year. There are usually about 40 people, lots of kids, food, fun, and fireworks. Uncle Steve and other family members buy an enormous amount of fireworks, and we also have the benefit of being able to see the city fireworks from their back yard.

My nephew Zaye
Youngest nephew Maddox (Zaye's brother)

My cousin, Liz, and her daughter Sidney
4 generations (l-r) Chance, Mike, Aunt Diana, Nana, Sidney, Liz
My Aunt Diana and her son, Mike
Liz, Aunt Diana, and Mike (two of my cousins and one of my Aunts)
Aunt Diana and her family (Sidney, Liz, Aunt Diana, Mike, Chance)
Sidney-believe it or not her hair is as curly as Erin's!
Daughter and mother (Sidney and Liz)

Sidney, Aunt Diana, Liz, and her husband Lee
Miss Liberty, Erin
Slip 'N Slide fun
Rod and Mike (Rod is the husband of my cousin Maggie)
Mr. Patriotic and Mrs. Liberty (Lee and Liz)

When it came time for the fireworks I switched to the manual settings on my camera so that I could keep the shutter open.  I know that the pictures turn out so much better this way.  Here are a few of them.

Daddy and Erin at the end of the night-getting pretty tired

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