Sunday, July 06, 2008

Swimming at the Y

Brian and the kids go swimming at the pool at our YMCA several times a week (usually while I'm at school). We've been members there since we bought our house four years ago, and it has a great pool area. The main pool has a beach area, fountains, huge curly slide for the kids, and lots of water spouts. There is a second pool for those that just want to dive and swim laps. The three of us went today, and as you can see Erin had a blast.  Can you tell she likes to have her picture taken?

A seagull trying to steal snacks (not ours)

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Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Hi! Looks like Erin is having a great time. Way to go Erin...great swimming. The fourth looked like a lot of fun also. I also saw you saying your boys are coming home. I imagine Erin is very excited to see her brothers. We love you all, Grandma & Grandpa Larry