Monday, July 21, 2008

Stealing a shot

I've mentioned before how hard it is to get pictures of Sean. He isn't a fan of the camera. Well, this past weekend he got his new iPhone 3G, and he's been really excited about it. He worked hard to earn the money to get it. Tonight we spent a lot of time down by the lake behind the house just playing frisbee, watching the alligator, chatting with neighbors, and hanging out. Sean was sitting down by the water texting his friends, and without him knowing I was able to get a shot of him. It isn't the greatest picture, but it is indicative of him and his "state of mind" these days.

He's such a good kid. Unlike so many of the kids his age he didn't spend all of the evening doing this. After about 10 minutes of texting he put the phone in his pocket, and he spent the rest of the time hanging out with us. At one point he had Erin sitting on his lap down by the lake, and the two of them were just snuggling together, looking out at the lake, and enjoying one another. Sweet, sweet kids. (No, no picture because I'm learning to put my camera down and actually enjoy DOING with them instead of just taking pictures of them. I've found out recently that it's more fun that way! A few pictures is way better than a bunch of pictures and standing on the sidelines.)

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Aunt Jodie said...

He is such a gorgeous kid!! So tall and lean!! He will make one girl happy and the mother of that girl blessed! hope you all are doing great!! sure miss the boys!!