Tuesday, July 01, 2008

7 more weeks!

As of yesterday Erin has SEVEN more weeks before she officially starts kindergarten! My little duckling, the last of the flock, is heading off to school. And believe me...she is more than ready. She was tested today (by the school) for reading placement, and she is at the highest level of reading. Her word recognition was at a grade 2.5 (five months into a second grade year), and her reading comprehension was at a 1.6 (six months into a first grade year). She's definitely way ahead of the game, but it's not surprising because she reads a lot on her own (just like her big brother Sean).

So the next time we go to her school will be later this month to find out which class she'll be in, and she's crossing her fingers that she and Lars will be together! We'll know pretty soon.


Kim said...

Wow, kindergarten already? I remember when Emma was born figuring out that she would start school in 2008. I thought that was so far away, but it has gone so fast. I love living vicariously through you two. Hugs and kisses to that big, sweet girl.

Jodie said...

Wow...that is impressive!! She is such a cutie!! I saw the boys tonight!! They are coming to stay the night Saturday!! You raised them so well Michelle!! They are such handsome and great kids!!!