Saturday, September 27, 2008

Game #2

Despite not feeling well Bren played game #2 today.  One arm (thankfully his right) was swollen from being bit by a wasp yesterday, and he has a terrible cough and sore throat.  But he decided that he wanted to play anyway.  And not only did he play, but he scored the ONLY run of the game for his team, and pitched a 14 pitch inning.  

And while Brendan was playing Erin was playing with her friends.  She brought an entire suitcase full of arts and crafts supplies to share with them, and they had a blast.


MelancholyMolly said...

Long story short: your post about your son playing when feeling bad AND scoring the only run AND the 14 pitch inning, warmed my heart.

Longer story: I read it to my husband - baseball *FANATIC* extraordinaire - and he said, "Wow! Cool!"

Also, and more, your son and daughter reflect the great parent and person that you are. Going back to school is hard (I know, I graduate in Dec - 24 years after starting)... but full-time job, pre-med, kids... WOW! MONGO KUDOs to you.

Keep up the great work.


Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

WTG Bren, Grandpa Larry and I are very proud of you but you take care of yourself, ok. Love and Miss You.

Aunt Jodie said...

I think he has your motivation!! Wow..what great kids you have!! Tell Sean and Bren hi from Aunt Jodie!!

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Wow, Bren, great job on the field! Hope you feel better soon.