Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have made it to the playoffs, and they are officially the division champions as of last night.  To celebrate the City of Tampa had a huge (36 foot) tv put up in downtown Tampa in a local park along the Hillsborough River for the fans to watch the game last night.  There were thousands of fans sitting in the park to watch the game, cheering them on.  It's a first for the Rays. They have been in last place every year of their existence, and now not only are they first in their division, but they have one of the best records in the major leagues (3rd).  I've said it before, but this town really is sports-centered.  We have nearly every major sport (with the exception of basketball, and who cares about that????), and there is always some major sporting event going on throughout the year.  It's exciting.

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