Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday at Nana's house

We spent the day at Nana's house on Sunday. Loved seeing my baby brother, and my two nephews (and the rest of the family, of course). The kiddos had a blast playing outside with the old cap guns (the exact same kind that were around when I was a kid-with the circular orange caps!), and the wooden swing in the back yard. The weather was perfect, and the company was even better.

My baby brother, Tony.

Tony and his oldest son, Zaye.

He's going up...

...and then he's down!

My youngest (of 5) nephew, Maddox.

This boy loves his fire truck!

Every time Sean shot the cap gun Maddox got SO excited.

Maddox was playing with a wooden airplane from Papa. You can see him mouthing the noise of the plane.

Zaye and Bren weren't still very long, but they both stopped long enough for me to get one picture of each of them.

Erin loves the tree swing, too!

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