Friday, August 14, 2009

Day #1 at the beach

It's been a nice relaxing day. The kids have enjoyed the pool and the beach, and the sunset was as beautiful as always.

Zaye walking to the water from the condo.

It never fails...we always see the dolphins around sunset.

Tony and Bren finding shells in the water.

Tony, Zaye, Bren and Erin swimming in the pool.

The beautiful Gulf of Mexico sunset.


Mom/Grandma said...

Wow, looks like a lot of well deserved fun. Still need some pictures of you in there, hint,hint. Love you all. Love the picture of Tony in the pool. The one of Erin jumping into the pool is really cool, looks like she's flying, hahahaha.

michelle said...

hi michelle. just getting caught up on your blog. just wanted to say i am so sorry you are going through so much crap. you are such a strong person that if anyone can get through it... you definitely can. i love all of the recent photos. i do have to agree with your mom. we need photos of you. its so important for your kids. and especially for them one day in the far future..your children's children will want to see photos of you having fun as well.
keep thinking positive. you are such a great mom and a terrific person.

Mom said...

Thank you Michelle for letting my Michelle know we all need pictures of her because she's a beautiful young woman inside and out.