Monday, August 17, 2009

Day #4 at the beach

Our last full day here. We check out of the condo tomorrow morning, and head back home (a whole 35 minutes north).

Last night Erin sorted all of her shells on the dining room table. She absolutely loves finding and collecting shells. She also loves (as I've already mentioned) snuggling with her Uncle Tony. They spent some time laying together in the recliner this morning.

This afternoon we were out on the beach, and we noticed a huge storm about 30 miles out in the Gulf. If you look at the right hand side of the picture below you can see the beginning of a water spout that formed as we watched. It almost got completely down to the water before it broke up.

Brendan doing some more snorkeling. He and Tony found another 10 sand dollars.

Bren with a live conch. We threw all of them back.
Erin and Zaye.

We found a small sea star that was regenerating one of its appendages. He was alive so we let him go.

The Jonas Brothers are here in concert (Tampa) tomorrow night, and they are staying at a hotel just two blocks from our condo. We saw their tour bus parked in front of the hotel so Erin and I walked down there to get a picture.

And finally another swim in the pool.


Mom said...

It looks like a wonderful time. Love the picture of Tony and Erin. You mean Bren didn't want to keep the conch for dinner, hahahahahaha. Some beautiful shells you have there Erin. Love you all and miss you terribly. Mom

Mom said...

P.S. I see in the picture of Sean that he still has his cell phone in his hand.......has it grown to his hand yet????????? Hahahahaaha. Mom