Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day #3 at the beach

With the tropical storm nearby the morning started off extremely windy and gray, but still beautiful. Earlier this afternoon I spent a bit of time with Zaye, Bren and Erin in the jacuzzi and pool.

Later in the afternoon while the boys went with Papa, Tony, Erin and I watched tv for a little bit (and just relaxed). Erin LOVES her Uncle Tony, and she especially loves snuggling with him every chance she can.

This evening Tony, Zaye and I went for a walk down the beach for a couple of hours, looking for shells and sharks teeth. Brendan and Erin joined us on our way back.


Mom said...

WOW, an actual picture of my daughter....whooohoooo. Love all the pictures of everyone, really love seeing the pictures of MY SON and DAUGHTER. Love you all, looks like a great time.

Rhonda said...

I can not believe how much you and your brother look alike! I'm the youngest of five and none of us look that much alike!