Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Update on Mom

Hey, it's Sean, just want everyone to know that mom is out of surgery. The surgery was supposed to only be an hour and a half, but ran an extra hour and a half. So mom was in surgery for 3 hours for everyone who can't do math. I don't have a lot of details mom should be up and awake enough to post later. Sh also has a blood-draining thing on her back, it's kind of grossing me out, but other than that she's perfectly fine. We watched the sunset from her room (her room overlooks the gulf of Mexico). Pictures will be up soon.


Mom/Grandma said...

Nice blog notes Sean. You are such a wonderful son and grandson the way you take care of your Mom (my daughter). I am so proud of you and your Mom. She was hoping she would have a room with one of the wonderful views. Love you both so much and as I said before very proud of you Sean and you to Michelle(my sweet girl). Love you so much, Mom/Grandma

Kym said...

How is it going Michelle???????

*huge gentle healing hugs*

Michelle said...

You are lucky that you didn't post pictures, Sean!!!