Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st Place for both tonight

Erin and Brendan both placed first in all of their qualifying races and their main events tonight. This is a video of Erin in her main event (the top three racers from the qualifying races race in the main event). Aside from the announcer calling her "he" and "this kid", it's a cute video. This isn't the announcer that has announced for her in the past, because he knows that Erin is a "she", not Aaron. Anyway, he refers to her as the "orange machine", and she loved that. Brian was a turn official in the second turn and took the video of her.


Grandma said...

WAY TO GO ERIN. You go girl, you are great. Love you very much.

Grandma said...

WAY TO GO BREN....hear there is another 1st place for you also. Love you very much.

Grandma said...

I watched your video again like I usually do and I clap and laugh in happiness for you. Way to go. I Love You