Saturday, October 02, 2010

Erin's first BMX race

An exciting night for us at the Oldsmar BMX track. Brendan received his first 1st place trophy, and Erin raced her first race. She had three qualifying races and then the main event. The placed 4th in the main event, and that is huge for a first time racer! Listen to the announcer during her qualifying race (she is temporarily number 133).
Taking a few laps of practice-her first time ever on the track.

Brendan loves having his sister on the track.

Bren and Erin at the gate together. Getting ready to take practice laps.


Grandma said...

WAY TO GO ERIN! I love watching the video of you racing. You are very good. WAY TO GO BREN! Very proud of you on your first place. Very proud of both of you on your first place's. WhooooooHoooooo!!!

Grandma said...

Had to watch the video again this morning. Love the picture of Bren talking with Erin when they are on their bikes. Your a good brother Bren.

The Mom said...

So cool. Keep the videos coming, gf. Love you.