Saturday, October 30, 2010

The farm

I took the kids to Rosas Farms today. We met up with my cousin, Liz, and her daughter, Sidney from Orlando. I brought Sean, Bren, Erin and Mazin. I have to say that every time I am there I am more happy that I found out about them, and that I am able to provide my family with their products.
Today we walked up to the part of the farm where the new little calves were hanging out, saw the baby chickens, and then walked up to where a group of the older cows were hanging out in the shade. The land is absolutely beautiful. I cannot imagine a better place for an animal to live its life.
Erin and Al Rosas own the farm. I had previously met Al. He's great, and very helpful to me in the market. Today we also got to meet Erin for the first time; decked out in her Halloween costume, too! She is such a genuinely warm, compassionate person, and I enjoyed getting to know her. They had lamb stew, fresh tuna, fresh cheese, and local grapefruits for us to sample, and it was delicious (Al is a gourmet chef, after all).
Liz and I both left the farm today with a boatload of meat, cheese and eggs (and local honey, Chef Al's BBQ sauce, homemade mayonnaise, etc.). I always feel so good when we come home and stock the freezer full from Rosas. Knowing from where my food comes really does matter to me, and I take pride in knowing that we are eating only the highest quality, grass-fed, organically raised, no hormone meats and eggs.

If you are local to Florida I would urge you to visit their site at (you'll see Chef Al's smiling face right there on the main page). They offer free delivery all over the state of Florida, and they now offer shipping-so even if you are not local you can purchase their delicious products. You will not be disappointed.

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