Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quiet house

Tomorrow Erin is leaving for two days to go to Disney with her bff, Ashley, and her family. They are staying in a hotel at the park, and it will be Erin's first "sleepover". I sure hope she does alright since it's a 90 minute drive to get to her.

Brendan is leaving tomorrow with Mazin's family for the Disney Cup BMX race in Orlando, too. Although he'll be close to Erin they won't see each other. The race runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and he'll race all three days. Sean and I will probably head over to watch him on Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, depending on how much school stuff I get done tomorrow. Some of my family in Orlando will be coming to watch him on Saturday, too. It will be exciting, and I'm looking forward to Brendan experiencing his first Nationals.

Erin is taking her camera with her, so perhaps we'll have some of her pictures to share on here once she gets back. I'll have plenty of Brendan to share, too.

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Mom said...

Sounds like a very busy and wonderful weekend. Have fun. Love you all.