Saturday, November 06, 2010

Garden update

See this pumpkin?

We picked it from the garden yesterday, and at nearly 35 pounds it is going to provide us with some delicious meat for baking and seeds for salting and roasting. I cannot wait to bake with a pumpkin that I actually grew, and I know that the flavor is going to be so much more amazing than the canned pumpkin.

The rest of the garden is growing like crazy, too. I get so excited every time I go out there and see something new growing. Look at these beautiful tomatoes and the cute little bell pepper and cantaloupe. Watermelon is blooming like crazy, too. The peas are all over the place, and the corn is getting bigger every day. Two more squash just recently bloomed. The kids, including several from around the neighborhood, come and check the garden every other day or two, and they all get just as excited as me.

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