Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin pie from OUR pumpkin

I've been waiting for weeks to be able to bake with the pumpkin that we grew, and I got the chance today. Last night I washed, cut and baked the pumpkin and then easily scraped the meat into a large bowl to use today. I got a massive amount of the meat from that one pumpkin. I used about 1/4 of the pumpkin today and that yielded two pumpkin pies! What you see in the bowl below is the meat after I cooked and pureed it. There is about 11 cups of pumpkin puree in that bowl.
All of the instructions on how to cook the raw pumpkin and prepare the pie from scratch can be found here. I followed the instructions exactly and it truly is the best pumpkin pie I have ever eaten. I'm going to use the rest to bake a few other things in the next couple of weeks, and to make a couple more pies for Thanksgiving.
All of the necessary ingredients, minus the sugar.

This pie is absolutely delicious, and so much more flavorful than baking one with the canned pumpkin.


Grandpa Larry/Dad said...

Looks great!!! How did you know pumpkin is my favorite pie? :)

Mom said...

Oh I was going to say don't let Grandpa see these pictures and he already has, yikes. He love pumpkin pie. Love you all.