Monday, November 15, 2010

Our day with Victor

We chose to spend today with Victor because it was his last day before returning to Peru, and it was our hope that we would send him back home with memories of a fun-filled day. Mission accomplished!

Victor was waiting with open arms and a huge hug for me when we picked him up this morning at 9am. He came running over to me, put his head on my shoulder, and just hugged me. It was so sweet, and I had to fight back the tears right from the beginning. We gave him the choice of what he wanted to do for the day, and he chose the zoo. We packed up his stroller (in the event that his leg started hurting him), got his booster seat put into my car, and we were off. He said that he wanted to go to my house to see "dos perros", Anah and Marley, so we came home first. After a lot of excitement with him and the dogs (he didn't want to stop petting them or rubbing them with his head) we headed out for the zoo.

We spent the entire afternoon at Lowry Park Zoo, and he had a blast. He loves animals of all kinds, and when he got to ride the camel with Sean he was ecstatic. Second to the camel ride was when Sean held him up so that he could pet the stingrays. He didn't want to leave that pool area. We bought fish food and he got to scoop the food out of Erin's hand with his foot and throw it to them. He loved that, too. Truthfully, I don't think that there was a single part of the day that he didn't love. Sean was more than happy to oblige him by removing his prosthetic and pushing him in the stroller for a while. Well, push him in the stroller or carry him (whichever Victor wanted at the time).
As soon as we arrived at the zoo Victor wanted to play in the water. We figured that he would and were prepared with a change of clothes for him. He just wanted to sit in the water like this.

Petting the stingrays.

Erin, Victor and Bren on the train.
See Victors little toes over on the right? Someone was ready to grab them like little worms!
Victor was pointing out the elephants.

Victor feeding a giraffe.

Sean and Victor on the camel.
Erin and the giraffe. He kept sniffing her.

I absolutely love this picture!

All four of us had a great day with Victor, and I know that he had a great last day here before heading back home, too. He kept telling me that he wanted to stay at our house. He and Erin had such a great time together, and they were both excited to find out that their birthdays are only one day apart.

We ordered pizza for dinner (his request), and he played on the laptop at our house while he ate his pizza before taking him back home to his sponsor family. On the ride back he and Erin were laughing almost the entire time. They were playing games on her iPod Touch, and whatever game it was that they were playing had them laughing so hard that it was making us laugh, too.

It was a wonderful day, and it was spent with one of the most amazing young men I have ever known. Brendan, Brian and Erin, now that they have met him, agree. We all can't wait to see him again.
One last picture of Victor before leaving.


Mom said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you. What a wonderful, loving day. Love you all.

The Mom said...

Such a blessing that you all have each other. I know you'll see him again within the next year, but it's still hard when someone's so close to your heart. :)