Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We just arrived home. The past four days have been so much fun. I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family.

On Christmas morning Erin was standing at the door, ready to run. They aren't allowed out of the room until everyone is there together. She was still half asleep, but ready to go.

Erin got her new Heelys, boots, stereo, collectors edition Monopoly (her favorite game), Nintendo DSi, Justin Bieber CD, puzzles, Justin Bieber board game, clothes, Target gift cards, iTunes gift cards and over $100 in cash (amongst other things). She hasn't taken the Heelys off (this isn't her first pair), but she did spend her money and gift cards already. Bren and Sean asked for money, but in addition to the $450 in cash he also received a few clothes, a new iPod shuffle (he wanted the shuffle even though he has the Nano because he wants to wear it during races), iTunes and Target gift cards. He plans to spend his cash on a new Fit street bike. Sean also wanted cash, but is saving his towards a car. In addition to his $450 in cash he got a new duffle bag (that he wanted for traveling to Peru every summer), clothes, and iTunes and Target gift cards.

I want to thank Grandma Carol and Vern for the Visa gift cards for each of the kids and for me and Brian, Nana for the money for each of us (and the food gift cards), Kathy for the Target gift cards for each of us, and Grandma B for the cash and iTunes gift cards for each of the kids. Thank you Grandma Laurie and Grandpa for the gift cards for the kids, money and the baked goodies. You are all so generous.

We spent a couple of days in Orlando with Aunt Diana, Nana, Liz and Sidney. Liz took the older kids to the zoo on Sunday, and since it was so cold they ended up only wanting to stay for about an hour. It was great to just be lazy and sit around and chat for a couple of days.
Sidney at Aunt Linda's house for Christmas dinner.
Aunt Linda's house all decorated for Christmas dinner.

Erin and Bren enjoyed some time on the lake behind Aunt Linda's house on Christmas day.
My baby boy.

Even Chappy was being lazy.

We also spent a couple of days with Grandma B, being lazy, eating and playing checkers (which the kids have discovered they love). I also had the opportunity to see Tony and Zaye for about an hour since Tony was in Jacksonville visiting family and friends. Zaye has grown so much!

It's time for some cleaning, organizing, playing and relaxing before heading back to school in a couple of weeks. Liz and Sidney are coming over for New Years, and I can't wait. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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