Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Justin Bieber concert

Erin has been anticipating this concert since Brian bought her tickets back in July. She invited her best friend, Ashley, and another close friend, Rhiannon (from Orlando). On Saturday Rhiannon's family brought her over from Orlando, and she stayed for the weekend. The three girls spent the entire weekend together preparing for the Sunday night concert. It was difficult for them to get to bed on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Ashley's mom, Jessica, came by and helped the girls get their hair ready before they left with Brian. I was in Michigan, and it was nice to have Jessica there to help them out.

At about 4pm the four of them left, got situated in their seats, and had the time of their lives. The opening acts were Mindless Behavior and Sean Kingston, and at 8:50pm JB came onto the stage. As you can see from the videos it was a night full of excitement for all three of the girls, and Erin has not yet stopped talking about it.
Trying to get to sleep on Saturday night.
Jessica helping the girls get ready for JB.
Ashley was primped and ready to go!
Safe in her car seat, and ready to go.
Rhiannon, Ashley and Erin in the stadium.
During the show.

JB in the heart right above them!


Anonymous said...

OMG those girls had a BLAST
thank you Brian and Michelle thank you thank you. You have made one of my daughters dreams come true and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. BIG HUGS to you guys YOU ROCK!!!

Mom said...

I can't imagine the energy in that stadium nor the noise of every young girl screaming. Dad said he thought Brian should get an award for going there, hahaha. Love you all and I apologize for last night. Love you all so very much, Mom