Sunday, December 05, 2010

Erin training

Erin had her first training with Joe Mathis, a pro BMX rider, last night before race. She's going to be training with him on a regular basis, and she really likes him a lot. He's such a nice guy, and Erin responds well to him. Below are a couple of short videos of Joe and Erin last night. It may not look like much is going on, but Joe watches here carefully to see what she is doing and what she needs to do (pedaling at the proper time, etc.). Already after just one training Joe got her up at the gate (meaning that when she is at the gate getting ready for it to drop she physically gets up in a stance to propel herself forward-they don't sit down at the gate or very much during the race), and she is pedaling the turns completely. Huge accomplishment.

In this second video you will see Erin and Joe go by and then right after you will see Brendan (in all red) come around and then partially jump the table.

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Grandma said...

WAY TO GO ERIN.You are wonderful and I love watching you race. Hopefully Grandpa and I can come back to Florida and watch you race.I would be so happy to be there to watch you and Bren. Love you so very much