Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interview About Justin Bieber

Can you tell that these three girls are excited about seeing Justin Bieber tomorrow? From left to right in the video are Ashley (Erin's best friend), Rhiannon (who came from Orlando to go with Erin and Ashley), Erin and Brian. They have all three been together all day today, and I seriously doubt they will get much sleep tonight. The concert is tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

I'm in Michigan. They made this video tonight and sent it to me. Never mind the "take a leak" part. They are being VERY silly.

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Grandpa Larry & Grandma said...

Hope You girls all have fun !!!
It is a great video,
As for Brian all I can say is " Good Luck Buddy!" I do not envy you in the least. This is grandma now..don't let grandpa fool you he'd be there in a second. Love you.