Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another disappointment

I will no longer order flowers online. Never again. I've had one disappointment after another with online florists, and I'm tired of being embarrassed by their inability to deliver what they advertise.

Check this out. The first picture is what I ordered. It is the Faith Hill "Love Medley", upgraded to Deluxe (from www.teleflora.com). Pretty, right?

This is what my mom received for her birthday.
It is absolutely, without a doubt, the ugliest and cheapest looking floral arrangement I have ever seen. I could have done better by using a cup and picking some flowers from the yard. And for over $70??? I've gone onto their Facebook page and after reading/viewing there for a bit I now know that this is not uncommon.

So I called to get a refund, and once again they stated that they will be going back to pickup the flowers. So they deliver a disgusting arrangement, and then to add insult to injury they go back (after THEY screwed up) and embarrass the sender by picking up the trash. That's alright, actually, because I know that this will never happen again. Teleflora, which I used this time, has lost my business. I'm going to send the money to my mom instead so that she can use it to buy something for herself. I know that Teleflora doesn't make the arrangements, but if they cannot use florists that are more skilled than this then they are equally at fault for the quality. Based on the number of complaints and pictures from dissatisfied customers on their FB page this isn't an isolated incident.


The Mom said...

That's an outright rip-off! (p.s. Happy birthday, Laurie!)

Maybe it would be helpful to know of a local florist, say, in your area, that you could, um, recommend?

Mom said...

I love you Michelle and I know you wouldn't of sent the one I got but the thought is still there that you sent me flowers. I love you very much.

Rhonda said...

That makes me sick. I used to work part time for a florist and they would have NEVER sent anything like that. Matter of fact they'd be sick as well.

So sad....makes you wonder how many other people get ripped off time and time again b/c they never call or think twice.

So sorry this happened to you guys!