Sunday, March 06, 2011


Tony and Maddox went to the track with us last night to watch Bren and Erin race. Afterwards, all of the kids who earned a trophy were picking them up, and Maddox was watching with a sparkle in his eye. You could just see how badly he wanted to own a trophy of his own. Heather (Mazin and Layla's mom) was in the registration office passing out the trophies, and she could see his expression as he watched. She called him over to the desk and asked him if he wanted a trophy of his own. His face lit up like Christmas. He carried it around everywhere for the rest of the evening, and after he fell asleep Tony went into the room to check on him and found him like this.

He has carried it around much of the day today, and is currently sitting on my couch watching "Ice Age" with the trophy in his lap.

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Mom said...

That's great he got a trophy also. He sure is getting big, growing so fast. Love you all.