Saturday, March 05, 2011

First baby shower cake

So, it's not the best you'll ever see, but it was my first attempt. Nikki, one of the nurses at the hospital where I volunteer, is having her first baby (boy) any day, and another one of the nurses, Claudia, asked me to make the cake for her baby shower. I make Nikki's wedding shower cake, too, and I loved that they wanted me to make this one for them.

The top layer looks lopsided in this picture, but I promise it was completely level (I checked with a level before I added the buttercream icing). I guess maybe the icing itself is heavier on one side, making it look like that. Anyway, it was my first (and probably only) attempt ever at this type of cake. A lot of time and frustration went into it, and it almost went into the trash a few times! I never said I have a lot of patience.


Mom said...

Looks beautiful and yummy Michelle. Love you very much

The Mom said...

Holy crap, you're talented! Great job!