Sunday, August 07, 2011


Erin and Bren had their fourth and final state qualifier for BMX today. They competed in qualifying races in Middleburg, St. Augustine, Daytona and Oldsmar (today). On September 10-11 they will compete in the state championship race, and will be awarded their state plates and numbers. As of today Erin is in 1st place in the state and Bren is in 2nd. However, after his race today he may have earned enough points to put him in first, and we'll know in a couple of weeks.

Today they both raced hard and earned 2nd place overall (Bren) and 3rd place overall (Erin). Erin had an amazing race in the main event against a 10 year old and 11 year old girl. She was right behind them, too! I'm so proud of both of them and looking forward to the remaining big races this year in Orlando (Disney Cup national) and our track (state championship).

These are photos that were taken today by a local photographer that frequently shoots at our track. Bren is #75 and Erin is #21.

Erin is at the gate on the far left with the green helmet.

So close to the 10 and 11 year old!

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Grandma said...

Way to go our BMX'ers, you two are rockin it. Hopefully sometime we can see you race. Love you both very much.