Friday, August 12, 2011


Roo, Brendan's bearded dragon, was found sleeping like this tonight. She's apparently perfectly comfortable like this.


Anonymous said...

Hey you! Tried to reach you through my crazy work weeks. I just changed my paypal card #. My wallet was stolen...I want to donate..regardless of a prize. I'm moving Monday.. ill check back. Can I "like" this to be on my page on fb? I'm seriously dumb on this!! I joked with a guy wanting diet cokes to go. Ended up to be joey fontane...nsync. Yeaasss...I'm exhausted. Love you. After next Sunday...I'm off two days. Hugs kisses to all my loves. And love the pics!

The Mom said...

I sleep sitting up sometimes, too. Well, not on purpose, but still. It's not *that* weird. :)