Sunday, August 14, 2011

A day with friends

Dave, one of the track parents and the announcer at our track, invited us over today to spend the day. The kids did some fishing, swimming and we all just hung out. We've been over before, and they have become part of our extended family. Dave and his wife, Valerie, have two boys, and they are both so sweet. Jackson "Big Bear" races at our track, and his little brother, Benny, is always there supporting all of the riders. They also happen to be huge WWE fans (only the little boys-not their parents or us), so tonight Dave purchased the big event of the summer on PPV, had a couple more of their WWE buddies over and they watched in complete excitement.

Jackson and Benny playing Chicken in the pool on Brian and Dave.
Dave and Brian trying to catch up to Bren...
...since he caught this baby bass.

Valerie wearing Jackson's WWE mask.
Erin and Valerie
(l-r) Bren (barely visible on the left), Jessica, Zack, Benny, Jackson, Logan, Austin, Valerie, Erin and Sean.
Their faces during the wrestling were priceless.
The dads. Brian, Bill and Dave. All three are also business owners.
Jackson, Zack and Logan showing off their muscles.

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Mom said...

What a great time. Not a fan of wrestling but looks like everyone one there was enjoying it. It's great to see families and friends have so much fun. Love you all.