Saturday, August 06, 2011

Cake pops, take two

My first attempt to make cake pops did not end so well. Let's just say that they were not edible, and that's putting it nicely. So I took a deep breath, refocused and started again. This time they are not only prettier, but absolutely delicious. As in our family of five finished off 30 of them last night delicious. Yeah, they are THAT good.

I made double chocolate cake pops. The cake and icing are both chocolate and then they were dipped in melted milk chocolate. Some were then covered with sprinkles. I need improvement on my dipping technique so that they don't drip while they are drying, but otherwise it was a huge improvement over the first try.


The Mom said...

Any consideration for the white chocolate lovers in the family? lol, great job. Those look so yummy. :)

Mom/Grandma said...

Oh my goodness, I could sit down there and eat the whole row,hahaha. They look great. Love you

Rhonda said...

They look wonderful!

Do you follow bakerella? I would love to make some of them for back to school. Sadly, the time just isn't there! :(