Thursday, December 27, 2007


Round one is over, and it's been a blast.  Erin and I spent Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the day after with Grandma B.  Santa brought Erin her giant dollhouse with the elevator, and her purple iPod shuffle as well as many other goodies.  She was so excited to see the dollhouse (it is taller than she is) standing there by the tree on Christmas morning, and she is so excited to have her own iPod, and not to have to beg to listen to Sean and Brendan's any more.  She also got an itunes gift card so that she can download some of her favorite songs.  We'll be doing that later today.

The boys called, and they got their new four wheelers (they each got their own) from their dad and Martha, as well as Guitar Hero 3 (for the Xbox 360), and other individual things for each of them.  They still have Christmas to celebrate here at home when they get here on Monday, and I can't say what they will be getting because I know that Sean checks the blog!  I can say that they are going to be VERY happy though.  I'll also be getting my Christmas present from Brian when he gets home on Monday, and Erin has more presents from Santa when her daddy gets here, too!!  So Christmas is far from over for us.

I've got a few pictures of Erin to download from Christmas morning, and I'll get that done later today.  We just returned home last night, and I've still got to get unpacked.  I'll be taking more pictures of her playing with her new gifts throughout the week, too.  Once the boys get home I'll be sure to post some pictures of them opening their gifts, too.  

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