Sunday, December 30, 2007

Priceless Christmas gift

There are only two times in my adult life that I have been truly surprised.  The first was when Brian flew my best friend, Pam here for my birthday, and she showed up in the meeting room of my office in Tampa (everyone in the meeting apparently knew what was going to happen, too!!).

The second time happened this Christmas when I opened the gift from my mom.  My gift from her this year is something that brought tears to my eyes, and took my breath away in an instant.  On a gold chain are the wedding band and engagement rings that belonged to my grandmother AND great-grandmother.  She had both sets completely restored, cleaned, and the prongs reset (to insure that the diamonds don't come loose after all this time), and passed them on to me.  I have very few family heirlooms, so things like this hold a lot of meaning to me, and I could not contain myself when I opened this, and realized what I was holding.  I still get emotional every time I see them.  

The picture just doesn't do them justice, but truthfully it wouldn't matter what they looked like.  Knowing who they belonged to, and where they came from holds the meaning to me.  I have to say that this was one very special Christmas for me.

Thank you mom.


Pam said...

Amazing... what beautiful, treasured heirlooms! xo

michelle said...

gorgeous. gorgeous gorgeous. what a special, thoughtful gesture/gift. i love your mom!!

Kim said...

Wow Michelle, what an amazing gift. Those are beautiful and will look wonderful on you, I know. Those truly are treasured heirlooms.

Mama Celeste said...

WOW! What a wonderful gift that you will always treasure and I can picture you passing it on to Erin one day :)