Monday, December 03, 2007

Erin and Santa

This was taken while she was waiting in line to see Santa

She was describing the doll house to him here.  

She RAN to him, hugged him for a long time, and then made her wish for the one and only thing that she wants.  No long list for this little girl.  It was so sweet.


Pam said...

omg, she's just beautiful! She's very serious about that doll house, I see. *hug*

michelle said...

she is SO sweet!
i have been to SIX...6...count em.. SIX children place stores for the skirt that matches her dress, for miranda for christmas. cant find it! im giving up.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Erin and Santa. It is so cute seeing her and hugging Santa. Looks like you and the boys had a good time at the football game also. Love you all very much, Mom

angie said...

What a doll, her cousins could learn a lot from her with regards to speaking with Santa. They all either screamed or stood in silence. Laura was the only one that spoke a word, I think they are a lot alike. I still can't get over them having the same dresses. Gorgeous little girl you have there. Smiles and hugs from all of us here in Wisconsin