Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Erin's Christmas show

Erin had her Christmas show on Saturday, December 15th.  She was so excited leading up to the day, but it was a different story once it was time to go on stage.  She got so nervous, and she wasn't at all happy about all of the people (about 200) looking up towards the stage.  She was crying, but she still wanted to participate.  I sat in the first row, and once she got up there, saw me, and started singing her songs she got a huge smile on her face, started giggling, and everything was ok.  She did great.  She had a leading role as Milton the mouse during one of the songs (that's why she's dressed as a mouse), and she was perfect.  Her signing during Silent Night and Let There Be Peace On Earth was flawless.
The pictures aren't great (the microphone was in my way most of the time), but here are a few. 


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures of Erin at her program. She looks so cute....but that's my granddaughter. Love you all, Mom

angie said...

Tell her Auntie Angie is very proud of her. What a gorgeous mouse she made. We miss her every day.