Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Brian and his brothers

My Christmas gift to Brian was three tickets (5th row from the field behind the Packers) to the Green Bay Packers game on 12/30 so that he could take his two brothers, three atrium tailgate tickets, and a pre-paid hotel for the night in Green Bay so that they could stay there after the game and spend time together (Milwaukee is about two hours south of Green Bay).

They had a great time (in the 20 degree freezing weather!), the Packers won, and I got a few pictures to share. Here they are before the game (at the atrium tailgate party) and outside in the stadium.

Brian and Matt
Brian, Steve and Matt
Brian, outside of the atrium before the game.  20 degrees in short sleeves!
A view from their seats.  That is Brett Favre, #4.

Matt, Steve and Brian after the game.

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