Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ice Skating

About two weeks ago Erin and I were at the mall, and she wanted to just sit and watch the kids ice skating:

So I let her just watch them, and she just loved it.  She wanted to go so badly, but we were meeting her Godmother for dinner so we had to leave.  But this past weekend she got her chance!

It was Brian and Erin's first time skating, and it was hilarious.  Both of them were holding on tight to the side of the rink, and to one another, but they were so cute out there.  Within about 30 minutes they both had the hang of it, and they were out in the middle of the rink without holding on to anything.  She's ready to hit the ice again already! (these were taken with my phone so they are not good quality)


Pam said...

lol, good skating, you guys! I can't believe you have a skating rink INSIDE the mall! xo

bev said...

I love that she is skating in her shorts :D