Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas with Sean and Bren

The boys came home yesterday, 12/31, and we had our Christmas together.  We didn't put up a big tree this year since none of us were home for Christmas, so we just bought this little four foot pre-lit tree (I love it), and I put the gifts for Sean and Bren underneath it for their arrival.  They were so surprised to get their new MacBooks and iPod Nano's.  They both had a Nano, but have been begging for the new model, so now they have them.  They each have a friend that doesn't have an iPod, and they are going to give their older models to them.  

It's nice with us each having our own laptop now, so there's no waiting around for anyone to finish what they are doing.  I have my desktop for work, my MacBook Pro for school and personal use, Brian has his laptop, and the boys each have their own MacBook for school and personal uses, too.  Erin just shares them all for now.  

Anyway, here is a picture of our little tree with the presents for Sean and Bren before they arrived, and one of Bren with his new Mac.

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