Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do not use

Talk about terrible customer service!  I ordered flowers for Pam for her birthday.  Here is the arrangement that I ordered.
This is the arrangement that Pam received.
I was horrified when I saw the pictures of the arrangement that she posted of the flowers. They aren't the right colors or types of flowers, they are haphazardly thrown into the vase, and there is more greenery than there is color.  I think anyone would agree that the arrangement that was delivered was NOT a good representation of the ordered arrangement.

I emailed the online company, and asked for a refund.  The following day I received an automated email notifying me that a refund had been placed.  No apology. Nothing.  THANKFULLY I called Pam to let her know what I had done, and also to let her know that another gift was on its way, because within a matter of minutes the local florist arrived at her door TO PICK UP THE ARRANGEMENT!!!!!!  Can you believe that?  That has got to be some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.  Not only was I humiliated once by the quality of the arrangement that was delivered to someone very important to me, but then I was humiliated a second time by them coming to her home and retrieving the flowers.  I simply cannot believe that they did that.  In good faith they should have not only left the "bad" arrangement there, but they should have brought her a proper arrangement.  

I guess it just goes to show that so many people are just not concerned with quality customer service any more.  It's more about the money than about pleasing the consumer, and that's a shame.  I will see to it that Pam gets the proper birthday gift, but in the meantime if you are shopping online for flowers DO NOT use  I know that I won't ever be using them again.


Kim said...

I can not believe that Michelle! That is absolutely horrible and I would be calling the local florist to let them know how irritated you are. Luckily it was for Pam and she has a fantastic sense of humor. But, really, what kind of service is that????

Mama Celeste said...

HOLY MOLY! You've got to be kidding about the pick-up :(