Thursday, February 28, 2008


I haven't had time to get any pictures, but I thought I would post quickly to let everyone know what the other surprise was for the boys (since a couple of you were waiting to hear!).

The boys came home on Sunday and were surprised to see their bedroom completely made over. Yes, I mean completely.  Brian and I spent the entire weekend while they were gone doing a complete bedroom make-over for them.  They have been wanting it done in chocolate brown and steel blue, so I painted it (three walls are light brown, and one wall is steel blue), new bedding, shelves, rug, curtains, light (took out the ceiling fan and replaced it with an awesome light fixture)...literally everything is brand new.  It is such a cool room, and honestly it is probably MY favorite room in the house now.  I'm amazed that Brian and I did it.  It looks THAT good. And their favorite part of their new room?  Their new 32 inch LCD TV that is mounted on their wall!! I've been promising them a new tv for their room, but they certainly didn't expect this one.  Brian mounted it wirelessly (all of the wires are running behind the wall so you see nothing!). 

So that is their little extra birthday surprise.  Their room is the one room in the house that we really hadn't paid much attention to yet, so it was due.  Now it's the coolest room in the house, and the boys absolutely love it.  They are actually spending time in there now, and for the past four mornings in a row they have made their beds before they left for school without being told.  We'll see how long THAT lasts!!!!!

So...that's why I've been so busy.  Sean's party on Friday, the room make-over all weekend (I was up until 2am on Saturday and didn't finish until the minute I had to walk out of the door to pick them up from the airport on Sunday night), three exams in the past two days, and now I FINALLY have a break for a couple of days.  Whew.  


Pam said...

Wow, what a cool room! Pictures, please! You should come here and help me re-do our rooms! :)

Mama Celeste said...

WOW! Will you adopt me :)
HA HA HA! I agree with Pam, want to see pics.