Friday, February 22, 2008

My teenage son

Sean is 13 years old today, and it was a great day.

At 3:34pm today Sean became a teenager. We celebrated in style, and now he and Bren are on a flight on their way to Atlanta. They are due to arrive in about 30 minutes.

Brian picked Sean up early from school (we always let the birthday boy come home early on their birthday). He thought that we were going to be picking up his five best friends to have dinner at Kobe Steakhouse, and then they would be going to the airport with us to drop them off. Instead I had a black Expedition limo pick up his five friends, and then come to our house right when he expected us to be leaving. Not only was he surprised to see the limo, but he was even more surprised that his best friends were all already inside waiting for him. We all rode to Kobe for dinner and his birthday celebration, then rode in the limo to the airport to see the boys off to Atlanta. They both really enjoyed having the friends there at the airport with them while they waited, too.

Brian, Erin and I just got back home, and there is even more planned for the boys as a joint birthday present for them that they don't even know about. I'm hoping that they will be too busy while they are at their dad's house to read this and even know about it. I won't post what it in just in case they do read this, but once they are home I'll update the blog with exactly what the "extra" surprise is, and more pictures.

Let me just say that I feel very honored to be the mother to such a sweet, compassionate, and loving child. Sean has been such a blessing of a child from the second that he was born (all 11 pounds and 23 inches of him!!). I remember being in the hospital while doctors from all over the hospital came to see him during our two day stay because he was the biggest baby to have ever been born there (at least up to that day). Being my first baby I didn't see what all the fuss was about until I saw him laying in the nursery next to the other babies. He was just my baby. And I was the lucky one for so many reasons!

Happy birthday to my sweet pea. As you have said to me since you were two years old, "I love you up to the sky and down to the ground!"

In the airport (taking pictures on his laptop)
My little man (ready to get on the plane)
The gang with a man who was walking through the airport!

Sean and one of his very best friends, Aspen.


Grandma said...

Love the pictures of Sean and his birthday friends. They look like they were having a great time. You're a great Mom Michelle, you do wonderful things for your children,things they will remember the rest of their lives. Love you all, Mom/Grandma

Pam said...

Wow, it sounds like a great birthday! Good job, Michelle. Sean is a great young man. Happy birthday, Sean! xo

Mama Celeste said...

OH MY! You are one cool mom, that's for sure. Sean looks so grown-up. I hope the boys have a great time in Atlanta. Looking forward to hearing about the extra surprise.