Monday, February 04, 2008

The Giants

Wow, that was a great game last night.  The first three quarters were pretty boring, but the last quarter was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.  They actually played some football!

This was my contribution.  Brian and Erin went to a Super Bowl party (I had to stay home and study for two exams), and I made this berry tart for them to take.  The hosts are from New York, and are HUGE Giants fans.  So instead of using the typical fruit that I use, I used the blueberries to form the NY logo (the best that I could anyway). Underneath the fruit is a layer of white chocolate and cream cheese.

Next year the Super Bowl is right here in Tampa again (it was just here in 2001).  Wouldn't it be something to see the Packers or the Jaguars in the Super Bowl right here in our own town? Woohoo!!!!


Pam said...

That looks delicious! Great job with the white chocolate, too. :)

michelle said...

oh my god, i SO need a bite of that!!

Mama Celeste said...

I'm hungry looking at your wonderful dessert. You are so artistic :)