Thursday, January 15, 2009

A card from Sean

Sean brought this home from school one day last week.  It's a card that he made for me (front and inside), for no reason whatsoever (except that he loves me).  This is so indicative of the sort of thing that he has done his whole life.  He is such a treasure of a child (young man at 6' 2"!).

Oh, and notice the "mommy"?  I LOVE it!  Almost 14 years old, and I still get "mommy"!  


Grandma/Mom said...

Way to Go Sean. That is a beautiful card. Mom's need those kind of things once in awhile. Love you all so much, Grandma

The Mrs. and Mom said...

What a great treasure for you to have (both the kid and the card he made)! That's one sweet kid!

Grandma/Mom said...

That is a beautiful card for your Mom Sean. Love you all and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL SPECIAL GIFTS. Been showing everyone my new ring and bracelet. They love your bracelet Sean and my new ring."Grin Grin"