Sunday, January 04, 2009

Erin's birthday

It's been a busy day. It's still hard to believe that Erin is already six.

Right after she got up this morning (and took her shower) she got to open a couple of her presents. She was so excited, and when she found that she received the scooter that she wanted she was even more excited. She also got a pair of shoes (flats) that she picked out a few days ago.

Afterwards she went to a birthday party for a good friend of hers (Jade). They share the same birthday, and the party was at a roller skating rink. Erin had a blast, and after just a few minutes she was skating all over the place. The guest of honor even had a birthday gift for Erin (they have been friends for several years, and knew that it was Erin's birthday as well).

From there it was off to Macaroni Grill to have a birthday dinner, more presents, and a birthday cake (surprise). After we ate our server and the Macaroni Grill singer came over with her cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her in Italian. Erin has picked Macaroni Grill for her birthday dinner for the past few years, and she loves to hear them sing to her in Italian.

We are having her birthday party with her friends in two weeks. They have been out of school for 2.5 weeks for winter break, and because of that we weren't able to get invitations to her classmates and friends from school. So next week when they return she will be able to pass them out, and then she'll have her party. After going to Jade's party at the roller skating rink she really wants to have hers there, so I guess we may be doing that.

She is walking around right now singing, "Six years old I am, six years old. Six years old I am, six years old." We were talking last night about how she has to use two hands to show her age now, and she quickly reminded me that this isn't true. Why? Because using ASL you only use one hand for all of the numbers! She promptly showed me how to sign six, and then once again reminded me that she will never have to use two hands to show me how old she is. I've taught her well, but sometimes I forget that she knows ASL like the back of her hands. My girl is not only smart and witty, but she is the most kind-hearted child I have ever known in my life. I am so thankful that she is my daughter, and I'm enjoying every second of watching her grow.


The Mrs. and Mom said...

Aw, thanks for sharing her big day with us. Erin, I KNOW I would have wanted my party at the skating rink too... Have a great party. xo

Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

What wonderful pictures of Erin and her birthday. She is such a wonderful granddaughter and we love her so much. Happy Birthday again Erin. Love you all, Mom and Grandpa Larry

Rhonda said...

It's so hard to believe they are six already!! Happy Birthday Erin! I hope you have a wonderful party with your friends. :)

Maybunch said...

Happy birthday Miss Erin!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!