Thursday, January 22, 2009

I want the sunshine back

We had a major cold front come through this week, with high temperatures during the day in the 50's, and low's at night in the low 30's!  This is 20 degrees below normal for us this time of year, and I am freezing.  We got down to 30º F last night, and when the boys got up and left for school this morning there was ice on the car, and frost on the ground.  Sean took these pictures on his iPhone and emailed them to me (it was all melted by the time I got up).

Thankfully we are expected to be back up to the 70's by the weekend.  I do not want any more of this cold weather.  It's for the birds.


Mom/Grandma said...

HaaHaaHaaHaa! You don't like our kind of weather do you. Sorry I thought it was funny except for the fruit tree growers. Hopefully you will be warm again by the weekend. We were warmer than you today.....all we had was a little rain. Love you all, Mom/Grandma

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Great pictures! lol