Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

I had a fabulous day today.

We went to one of my favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma, where I got these
and these
I have been wanting these bowls for months, and I'm so excited to have them. With the amount of baking I do they are going to come in VERY handy.

One of the best gifts that I got today was a picture that Erin made for me of the two of us holding hands. Above each of us is our age: 36 and 6. She has the details down to her blonde hair and my brown hair. I also got a homemade card from her that I'll keep forever (just like every card that the boys have ever made for me).

36 is going to be a great year. With my children by my side anything is possible, and I'm the luckiest woman alive.


Mom and Larry said...

Looks like you had a very wonderful birthday. You were suppose to of gotten a gift from us on your birthday. Didn't you get it? Please let me know. We love you. Mom and Larry

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Happy birthday to you! Love you

angie and steve said...

Happy Birthday late Auntie Michelle. We are so sorry we missed it. We have added it to our calandar so it doesn't happen again!

Jodie said...

Michelle...Happy Belated Birthday!! How ironic that I am 39 and my son is 9 too!! I had him right before I turned 30!!!

I wish you well and stay strong Michelle...that is a quality I always loved about you and continue to admire!!