Friday, April 03, 2009

Almost there

The Red Sox won again on Tuesday, but it was a CLOSE game.  They were tied in the 6th inning, but they came back and won by one!  Brendan hit a great line drive, and ended up all the way on 3rd base.

But before he could get home his teammates struck out, and he didn't get to make the dash for home plate.  (This picture is him jogging back to the dugout)

Later in the night he ended up back on 3rd base again, but this time his teammate (with bases loaded) walked and brought Brendan home.  At least he got to home plate someway.  

Brendan catching the ball (on first base) before the start of another inning.

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Grandma said...

YeaaaaaaaaHoooooo! Bren. Way to go. Way to go Red Sox. Proud of you and your teammates.Love you, Grandma