Friday, April 03, 2009

Devilish Cocoa Sandwiches

Remember having these cream-filled cakes when you were a kid?  They have always been one of my favorite Hostess treats.  Luckily for me this months copy of Family Circle has the recipe for goodies like Twinkies, Hostess Cream-Filled Cupcakes, etc.  But best of all they have the recipe for these cream-filled cakes!  They are delicious, and since there are no preservatives (like the prepackaged version at the store) I don't feel AS guilty having one.  Super easy to make, too. (Click on the word "recipe" above for the recipe)

Devilish Cocoa Sandwiches

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Mom said...

Ok Michelle, where's the recipe??? They look wonderful and I am sure they will taste great. Love you very much, Mom